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Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

August 10th, 2011 by     

As an attendee of a bridal shower, you may ask yourself, “What gift do I bring?”

Some go the safe route and buy from the wedding registry, while others choose a more creative route.  .

If you are attending a bridal shower and need gift ideas, READ ON!

Option #1: Wine Basket Poem

This gift is super EASY and simply AWESOME! The wine basket comes with six cute poems for each wine bottle that signifies the first six big days the new couple will face during their marriage.  You know the typical, Wedding Night Celebration, First Fight, First Baby, etc.

Click here to download the tags! In case you want to make your own, here are the Wine Tag Poems.

Option #2:Customized Cook Book

This hard cover, spiral bound, customizable cook book is from TasteBook! It’s the perfect gift for the culinary bride (or one who wishes she were)!  You can collect recipes from friends and family or choose from the list of over 2 million uploaded by others.

Option #3: Future Mrs.Metal Bracelet

There are many variations of this metal bracelet but they all say the same cute thing… “Future Mrs. X”! (the bracelet pictured is from MaxingtonBear on

Option #4: Lingerie

Most often reserved for the Bachelorette party, modest lingerie is always a great way to go for the Bridal Shower. This cute little robe from Victoria’s Secret is a safe choice!

One Response to “Bridal Shower Gift Ideas”

  1. Leah Says:


    I LOVE this wine poem basket and have used it in the past for a friend! I came back to print your awesome, super helpful tags for the wine bottles, and they can no longer be accessed. Any chance you could repost them or send me the pdf via email? I would GREATLY appreciate it!!


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