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Taking care of the guests

July 11th, 2011 by     

Since nothing about the wedding was related to a hotel, I gave guests a list of local lodging and didn’t do welcome bags or anything.

My extremely conscientious maid of honor decided to make bathroom baskets for the women and the men.

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The men's restroom basket

She decorated the baskets in tulle and pearls to match the rest of the decorations for the reception. Some of the things in the baskets were:

– hairbands and bobby pins

– shoe shine

– clear nail polish and a nail file

– contact solution

– mini first aid kits

– Tums, ibuprofen and cough drops

– tampons and pads

– tissues and Q-tips

– hand sanitizer and hand lotion

– Shout wipes

– lint roller

– hair brush, comb and hair spray

Along with the baskets she included a cute poem and the number for a cab company in case anyone needed a ride. I’m not sure if any of my guests had to call for a ride, but it made me feel better knowing that it was there for them.

If you’re considering making baskets or some sort of care kit for your guests, I highly recommend it. Half of the hair bands and tampons were gone by the end of the night. One of our male guests was delighted by the shoe shine and several ladies used the nail file and lotion. And that’s only what people told us about.

One thing to consider that my maid of honor mentioned is that if you’re having a reception at a restaurant or somewhere that you have to share the bathroom with other events is that people other than your guests will use and possibly steal the care items. There’s not much of a way to avoid it if you set out a bathroom basket, we had the whole facility to ourselves so that wasn’t a problem.

One Response to “Taking care of the guests”

  1. Poppy Bud Says:

    This is a FANTASTIC idea! I’m from rural Nebraska…and our reception will be held in the same building as the county fair a few week previous. Needless to say – that restrooms leave something to be desired! These would really help the bathroom situation a lot! I’m stealing this idea…tell your MOH thanks!

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