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Save The Dates – Done & Ordered!

July 1st, 2011 by     

After I got my Epics DVD in the mail, I instantly started working away at my Save the Date’s! We are using the website to design and order our Save the Dates, they had a design that I really liked (they have a TON of options). The template was so incredibly easy to use and it all came together in about an hour, most of that was trying to decide on which photo’s to use!

The next hurdle was trying to decide on Magnets vs. Postcards – I loved the idea of the Magnet and giving our invited a guests a little keepsake to place on their fridge, filing cabinets, etc. But Mr. Honey was against it from the start, so after much deliberation, I gave in and agreed to the postcards! I think they will be a hit, I am just afraid someone is going to receive it jumbled up in their mail mess and think it is junk mail and accidentally throw it away!

All along, I wanted something bright with our wedding colors (Turquoise and Key Lime Green) with lots of pictures of us to send to our guests! With a destination wedding, I was told to mail them out about 8-6 months out. Right now I am at the 8 month mark so I think it’s a good idea to order them and get them mailed out!

So what do ya think? Should I change anything? Honest opinions please!

wedding wedding invitation , SThD BB 1024x731

Sorry for all the blurs...can't be showing all our personal business ;)

One Response to “Save The Dates – Done & Ordered!”

  1. Peach Says:

    They look great! The colors are super vibrant and compliment the beach pics so well!!

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