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Engagement Photo Props

June 9th, 2011 by     

I’ve always been one to put a lot of thought and creativity into things so I figured our engagement pictures should be no exception. Just like our outfits, it took me a long time to decide what props we wanted to use for our pictures. I knew we wanted to take the pictures at the park where we got engaged and we actually had a prop already there: the picnic table that Apricot Dude carved into when he asked me to marry him. After doing some research it suddenly dawned on me, use a chalkboard silly! Apricot Dude is a teacher so it was perfectly fitting for us! I also wanted something a bit more fun so as I was walking around the toy section at Target I came across some giant bubble wands! The pictures with the bubble wands didn’t turn out exactly as I thought but it made for some great effects in other pictures, like the one below.

I’m all about using props. It adds so much character and personality to the pictures, in my opinion. What are some other cute prop ideas you’ve seen?

Pictures by Bh Photography

Pictures by Bh Photography

2 Responses to “Engagement Photo Props”

  1. Gentel Says:

    I love the second picture, I’m using the same kind of signs except I’m painting them on a wooden board….chalk boards seem so much easier though! Super cute :)

  2. Apricot Bud Says:

    Why thanks! I thought about doing that too but ran out of time….so went to the craft store and spent $10 on some chalk boards, haha. Good luck!