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mmm… cake.

May 23rd, 2011 by     

I’ve narrowed my cake design choices down to two. Are you ready?

Option #1: a mix between Cake A and Cake B.

Cake A.

So, our cake would have the little pearl dots lining the bottom of the cake, the swirls above the fondant ribbon. No flowers (we’ll perch our love birds on top). And instead of having a fondant ribbon, we’d have a ribbon bow, with a medium-sized flower on top. Like this:

Cake B.

For the fondant flower, I found this sweet little bakery ¬†through Etsy — ModernLuxeEvents — that makes the most amazing fondant creations! I could get a peony, to match my bouquet. Look how pretty!

open peony

closed peony.

Such beautiful details, yes? So this mix of the two cakes would cost $6.50 per person + the cost of the peony (about $40 shipped).

Option #2: Off white cake with ribbon, pearls, and pretty lace detail with my own love birds on top.

This was Mrs. Button’s cake (via WeddingBee).

The details on this cake are incredible. And I think it would look really good with my love birds. Try to picture them on this cake:

via Etsy seller BentBranch.

Total cost of Option #2 is $7.75 per person, excluding love birds, of course.

I think I’m leaning towards Option #2, it would really “go” with the topper, and our chic venue.

Are you torn between two cakes?

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2 Responses to “mmm… cake.”

  1. Lilac Bud Says:

    I think that option #1 is totally what I would pick for my own wedding. But both cake options are beautiful! You have great taste in cakes.

    We actually arrived at our baker to finally order our cake with 3 different photos and she helped us articulate what features drew us to them and said she’d make one cake with all of our favorite aspects. I can’t wait to see it on Saturday!

  2. Cymbie Bud Says:

    I love the Love Birds! The design on Option #2 really reminds me of a birdcage so it totally works with your topper.