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Dollar Store Centerpieces

April 11th, 2011 by     

I found myself stressing out way too much over our centerpieces. In the grand scheme of our wedding, they aren’t my top priority. So the fact that I was even stressing out about them was stressing me out.

Orchid FMIL offered to give us $300 to put toward the centerpieces. Since that was my entire decorations budget, I knew I’d be way under. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was doing some seashells in a vase with some candles. But, I felt like I needed something more. I just wasn’t sure what. I also wasn’t 100 percent sold on the candle idea.  Considering my reception will be held in the middle of the day in a large window-filled room, candles seem unnecessary.

Through the amazing share-fest that is Twitter and my girl, Alicia at The Charity Wedding, I came across this link on Luna and Chloe Weddings, featuring a photo of rope inside a glass vase. How wonderfully simple is it!? I showed the photo to Orchid Boy and he wasn’t swayed.

Suddenly, a brainstorm erupted over my head.

I took a Partylite votive holder that already held some seashells and stuck a little bit of string in it. Ta da! Perfect example.

Orchid Boy loved it.

Now to excute it.

The Project

I headed to the local Dollar Tree and picked up all of the tall cylindrical candle holders they had, which were only six. A few weeks later I went back and they had the same kind of holders, just two inches taller. I could wait, or just buy those holders. Being that I’m not THAT detail oriented, I bought the taller holders.

I know that Chuck’s aunt has been using our wedding as an excuse to scour the beach for shells so I pretty much have that covered. a few weeks ago a heavy box came in the mail and it was filled with seashells. I kept the coolest ones for myself. Anyway, to add a little color, I picked up four bags of beach glass.

Since the candle holders are only 7  – 9 inches in height and about 3 inches in diameter, I needed something to go around the candle to fill up the empty space on the table.

Enter these tea light holders, which came three to a package.

The string came from my grandfather’s workshop when we cleaned out his apartment after he passed away this year. It’s been useful throughout my apartment, but will now be a part of our wedding decorations.

The only thing missing is sand. Since I am putting these together in New York, I’d rather not tote large bags of sand with me when I can just buy it (or steal it from the beach) in New York.

First add the shells. Then pepper a little beach glass

Next a few feet of string.

And done! A dollar store centerpiece.

Approximate Costs:

  • Candle holders $1 x 17= $17
  • Tea lights $1 x 17 = $17
  • Bags of beach glass $1 x 4 = $4
  • String = FREE
  • Seashells = FREE
  • Sand about $3 x 3 = $9 (I want to just take it from the beach but Orchid Boy thinks it will smell. If we did that then FREE).

Approximate total = $47 or $2.76 per table.

Are they the most glamorous centerpieces in the world? No.

Will they make your guest swoon with amazement? No.

Are they wallet friendly for a bride on a budget? Abso-friggen-lutely.

10 Responses to “Dollar Store Centerpieces”

  1. Rose Bud Says:

    Ooo great ideas! If you want more of a romantic feel…you can also have 3 vases on each table that are different sized. You can then place one or two floating candles in it. Super easy!

  2. Orchid Bud Says:

    Thanks, girl! That is a great idea. We have so many shells that I have to go back to the dollar store to get some shallow bowls so I can just take them and put them in various places throughout the venue.

  3. Michelle Marston Says:

    Very cute! You could also spread a few shells around the bottom of the centerpiece too. And use votive candles in your wedding colors instead of plain white.

  4. Magnolia Bud Says:

    I’d go with colored votive holders… IKEA has gorgeous blue ones! You did good, Orchid!

  5. Freesia Bud Says:

    Beautiful! I love the natural/modern look :)

  6. Sonita @ Says:

    I have never understood the concept of a big, expensive wedding. I’m not quite sure I see the point. It’s just one day….money is better spent on long term, useful things rather than trying to make your wedding guests swoon over the amount of money you can spend on a party, IMHO.
    I think these centerpieces are beautiful. Very simple, light, airy. Love it!
    If it seems too simple, I’d scatter a few shells, a bit of sand and/or maybe some shiny confetti or glitter around on the table under this set up.

  7. toni Says:

    I applaud this! I’m all for cutting costs….. but you had a great idea, why add all that cheap looking garbage inside the shade?
    String?? Really? Why? And beach glass and shells…. too much going on! It takes away from it.
    Stick with the hurricane shade & candle idea…. that’s all you need and something as simple as that comes across as sensibly minimalist and completely classy!

  8. Orchid Bud Says:

    Thanks, ladies. Obviously there are a million things you can do with this and this was just a quick assembly for blog photos, but it’ll all come together in the end.

    @Toni, I appreciate your opinion but there is a thing called constructive criticism, which I’m all for. I think real class isn’t when you have an empty hurricane shade, but when you can voice your thoughts without being insulting.

  9. GBgamer Says:

    All that was said was that it had “too much going on” You’re being sensitive. What you post is subject to others’ criticism. If you don’t want people to give their honest opinions instead of praising you for your unoriginal idea, keep it between you and your fiance.

  10. Lisa Says:

    I love the idea, but it’s not my style. I think it would be fun with more sea glass and some of that shiny ribbony easter grass type stuff (that my dollar tree carries. And some sand would really complete the look! Oh and some of those battery-operated twinkle lights! (l like sparkle, can you tell?)