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Stop Motion Save the Dates!

March 22nd, 2011 by     

Our Save the Dates were emailed out and were a huge hit!  Poinsettia Dude & I worked for months on a stop-motion video to send to our guests.   To see our finished product,  Click Here!

We decided to send a funny card from to all of our invited guests.  When they received the e-card, this is what they saw-

Within the e-card, we typed up a sweet message asking our guests to save the date for our wedding!  We then inserted a link to our Stop Motion video that we had posted to YouTube and included the link to our personal wedding website.

Although not for everyone, our guests loved it!  And would you believe our movie got 540+ views on YouTube! Not bad considering we are only having 80-90 guests!

One Response to “Stop Motion Save the Dates!”

  1. Olive Bud Says:

    Your Save The Date is AWESOME. Seriously!

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