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Fit to be Fancy

March 4th, 2011 by     

I think I speak for most women when I say that I feel the prettiest when I feel healthy. However, finding time for exercise in anyone’s typical hectic schedule is hard enough – let alone finding time when you throw in wedding planning to that already jam-packed day. I’ll start off by admitting that my initial exercise plans made immediately after our engagement have not exactly happened. That said, I am still confident that I will meet my wedding goals in plenty of time for my dress fitting. Importantly, you will want to make sure not to change your body between your fitting and your wedding to keep alteration costs and stress at a minimum.

Initially, I wanted to get more into yoga. Yoga provides amazing health, stress, and flexibility benefits while getting a good toning and cardio workout (given you embrace different types of yoga sessions). My main obstacle when it comes to yoga is that I have not found a way to do it on my own time. I need to go to a class with an instructor. Fortunately my gym membership and the YMCA has some great yoga classes, I am just not always able to work them in my schedule.  So, much to my dismay, I have thus far not achieved my yoga goals, but I won’t give up hope!

Next, I decided that I would like to lose a few pesky pounds. I am comfortable with my body, and would not exactly advertise about wanting to lose those pounds, but I know where my body is comfortable and where it is at its best. This time last year, I ran a 10K with Freesia Dude. We trained for it and it felt great to be able to run further than I had ever imagined I could. We even made plans (though we have yet to fulfill them) to run further, a half-marathon! Anyways, we decided to start running again and build up to that 10K. We’re almost there! Only about another mile and we’ll reach our goal. Though I haven’t dropped in numbers, I can feel my body changing and that’s fantastic! In addition, I can run just about anytime I want to, and it can be free of cost! It’s great to have Freesia Dude’s support in exercise, I definitely run further with him. He has a few pesky pounds to lose also, which brought us to our next method of achieving wedding health…

We joined Weight Watchers! As fate would have it, right after Freesia Dude and I decided to do this, my work announced they would be subsidizing some of the cost for employees to sign up. As they would state, this is not a diet! Freesia Dude and I have a terrible habit of eating out and eating too much. Thus, we decided to enlist WW as a guide to change our eating habits and learn what foods and portions are right for our body, and how to be satisfied with this in everyday life, for the rest of our lives!

We are both a work-in-progress, and are excited to be able to look back at our wedding pictures and love them, for the sentiment as well as how amazing we looked!

2 Responses to “Fit to be Fancy”

  1. Orchid Bud Says:

    I love yoga. I would do it 2-3 times a week at a studio when I was living in NY. When I got laid off and then got a job an hour away, my practice fell to pieces. I’ve since tried to get back into it, but i have the same problem as you. I have trouble practicing on my own. I use videos on Netflix, but it isn’t the same. As beneficial as it is going to classes at a studio is expensive and I’m too much of a yoga snob to try doing it at a gym or YMCA. Not because I think I’m too good for it, but because I think there are too many distractions which affect your practice. Keep trying and eventually you’ll be able to get back into it.

  2. Olive Bud Says:

    Congrats to you and Freesia Dude for picking a manageable goal and sticking with it! I know a lot of people who have had great success from WW – because mostly it teaches you about what’s good for you and how to portion your meals. I LOVE yoga – and wish that I could join the new Bikram studio that opened near my work – but its way too much money. So, I practice at home. I got Bob & Jillians (from the Biggest Loser) cardio/yoga DVDs and they’re really great. You do all the standard yoga poses, but at a faster rate to get your heart pumping. Best of all – they’re only 30 min long! I added them to my morning routine and didn’t have to sacrifice THAT much sleep. You can get them on Amazon for like $10 each if you’re interested. :)

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