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Yes, I Take My Engagement Ring Off!

February 8th, 2011 by     

Let me know how you feel about this one.

I waited a long time for my ring. A conservative estimate would put it at about six years. And I love it. When it came down to it, Apple Sauce got it right, selecting for me an Asscher-cut diamond, set between two baguettes in a white gold band. Unique but classic.

The Royal Asscher

Hello, beautiful.

Why such an unusual cut of diamond, you ask? Well, duh, for that very reason!

Full disclosure: My first job ever was at my uncle’s jewelry store, where I learned the ins-and-outs of the diamond industry. Every week I would see round brilliant diamond after round brilliant diamond come in for its pre-wedding polish, and I vowed that when I got engaged, I would have a ring unlike any other. Good work, fiance!

But now let me get a little controversial. While I love, love, love my ring, I don’t leave it on every second of my life. That’s right! I take it off! And you can’t stop me!

Because honestly, what’s the big deal? Just because I take the ring off doesn’t mean the marriage is! Like, I know the ring is a symbol of our everlasting commitment or whatever, but also, it’s a ring. Everyone needs to relax.

And now the pragmatic reasons: In those years working for my uncle at the jewelry store, I encountered every kind of engagement ring mishap possible. Cracked or missing stones, bent prongs, split shanks, you name it. One time we had to cut the ring off of a woman because it was cutting off her circulation.

And you know what the root of all those problems was? The bride-to-be never took her ring off. Not while she was sleeping (your fingers swell while you sleep, so that’s why your ring feels tighter in the morning); not while she was doing the dishes (bang, bang, bang against those hard pots and pans); not while she was getting dressed (snag a prong on that cable knit sweater—ruin the ring, ruin the sweater); not while she was gardening (nothing quite hinders a diamond’s shine like soil build-up).

So when people ask me why I take it off, I tell them this: The ring is a several-thousand-dollar investment, just like your wedding gown. Are you sleeping in that? Washing dishes in it? Gardening?

Didn’t think so.

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7 Responses to “Yes, I Take My Engagement Ring Off!”

  1. Ashley McCrea Says:

    I take mine off when I do the dishes and when I shower in the morning. So I’m with you on that one! I read several articles early on in our engagement that stated what you said above.

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  3. Lilac Bud Says:

    I take mine off when I sleep, shower, wash dishes and a lot of times when I cook. It’s way to special to damage!

    People act really surprised when they find this out. I got ask right after we were engaged if I laid in bed at night staring at my ring before I fell asleep and boy they looked surprised when I said I didn’t wear it to bed!

  4. Dusty Rose Says:

    I only wear mines when I go out. I’m too scared to lose it!!

  5. personalizedforweddings Says:

    Makes sense. Wearing or not wearing a ring doesn’t indicate how strong a marriage is. I’m with you on that. But, I think there’s always some interesting history behind all these traditions. In some ancient eastern cultures, married women wore toe rings and a special type of necklace which were supposed to indicate to men that they were taken and hence not to be approached for courtship. In conservative cultures and societies, wearing a prominent and visible symbol of marriage was important from a social and cultural standpoint. My guess is the practice of wearing rings may have had the same purpose. Although it may not be relevant today, it’s interesting to see why the custom came into existence and hence why some people have sentiments attached to them.

  6. Cymbie Bud Says:

    You are not alone! Mine comes off quite often. I don’t sleep, clean, do dishes, garden, or run in it. I wore it on a boat trip one weekend and freaked out every time I jumped in the water. For those who sleep in their rings, I have a quick reason why you shouldn’t. I have a scar on my left cheek from sleeping in a ring. I had a pear shaped ring when I was younger and scratched myself in my sleep. Now a little scar reminds me NEVER AGAIN.

  7. Magnolia Bud Says:

    I remove my ring as soon as I step foot in the house. It’s just a habit now, all my jewelry comes off when I’m home.