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Cinderella is Proof…

January 18th, 2011 by     

…that a new pair of shoes can change your life!

Isn’t that the truth?!

My wedding shoes are undergoing a massive overhaul, maybe.  Meaning, I’m rethinking wearing flip flops with my dress.  Problem is, my dress has already been hemmed to account for wearing flats.  I can’t wear traditional heels due to the location. My current shoes are brown leather flip flops with clear rhinestones covering the straps.  They fit with the outdoor location and the casual feel we are going for.  But now, I am afraid they aren’t formal enough for a wedding.  To give an idea of the formality, or lack thereof, of the wedding, the groom and groomsmen are wearing tan colored suits (see below) and Sperry’s.

Jim's Formal Wear -

Cymbie Dude will have on the suit above, while the groomsmen will not wear a vest or tie.

What do you think? Can I wear flip flops?

5 Responses to “Cinderella is Proof…”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    I am getting married in the Outer Banks and am going to go barefoot! I too was recently thinking that the lack of shoes may clash with the formality of a wedding, but since we are only have 15 guests and getting married on the beach, I figured it just goes. Everyone else will be barefoot or in flip flops. I am going to make sure I get a pedicure and enjoy the sand between my toes. No one will probably notice anyhow. If you want to wear shoes, maybe something the link below, since your fiance will be in Sperrys:***7********9505884*M065&stockNumber=9505884&showDefaultOption=true

    Happy planning!

  2. Social Savvy Says:

    Remember that it’s your wedding and you should feel free to do (and wear) what makes you comfortable. However, if you are concerned about flip flops being too informal and need flats, why not consider a ballet flat. There are a million styles out there ranging from super casual to tres chic. For an idea of just how many styles there are, check out Zappos or Norstroms.|f8000809&type=category&page=1&sort=featured&sortreverse=0&size=&width=&color=&price=&brand=&instoreavailability=false&lastfilter=&sizeFinderId=8&partial=1&pagesize=100

  3. Cymbie Bud Says:

    Thank you both for the links to different shoes. Due the wooden pier that is my aisle, I can’t go barefoot and my running shoes were vetoed (I get to wear them in my Trash the Dress shoot!). We have about 110 people coming so despite our “casual” feel, it, inevitably, will be more formal than I want.

    I may have to get those Sperry’s for every day wear and I love the shoes in Nordstrom’s!

  4. Orchid Bud Says:

    I think you should rock the flops ; ) I’m also getting married by the water, albeit, my aisle will be grass not a pier so wearing heels would have been out of the question anyway. I totally plan on wearing flip flops and encouraged my bridesmaids to as well. I guess my big question is, if you are going for a casual feel for your wedding, why do you feel you need to have formal shoes? I think your dress kicks up the formality on its own and the flip flops will give it that nice touch of causal you’re going for. But if you really are having second thoughts, then go shoe shopping. Try on a few pairs and see how you feel. Then make your decision.

  5. Cymbie Bud Says:

    @Orchid — Thank you so much! That is what I needed to hear. My flops are fine and comfy!! My bridesmaids all have flops (except one – she may do wedges bc she likes heels). I love this Garden