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Fighting My Way to the Altar!

December 28th, 2010 by     

Literally. I’m kickboxing.  Since moving to the Ocean State and meeting Violet Dude, I’ve put on a few too many pounds to happily wear a bikini on our Honeymoon in Atlantis. I feel tired all the time, and have gone from running a mile without breaking a sweat to nearly passing out after running to the mailbox! I’ve tried gyms, and fitness centers, taken Zumba and spinning, tried hooping…but nothing seems to keep me interested and motivated beyond the first class.  Then I saw a commercial for a local, all female Kickboxing gym! Rondeau’s Kickboxing is gonna get me where I want to be, physically and emotionally!

I have never had such a great workout before! The first class, I will confess, I got sick…twice! But I went right back and kept throwing punches! It’s the first time I’ve felt so motivated to keep pushing myself to, and then beyond my limits! The women at the gym are all so positive, and the Trainers are amazing! I always thought I needed someone like Jillian Michaels to push me by yelling in my face, but in reality, the positive comments from the Rondeau’s trainers are much better than feeling like I’m going to cry! The owner, Christina Rondeau, even set me up with a meal plan, and I’m tracking everything I eat. It’s fantastic and I’m sticking to it because It doesn’t involve starving myself, and I can still eat all my favorite foods as long as it’s in moderation (One cupcake at a Saturday Birthday party, ok. One Dozen cupcakes while watching Grey’s Anatomy, not ok)

I hear about Brides who go on crazy crash diets, starving themselves in order to fit into a dress they bought 5 sizes too small. But I’m not one of those girls. I’m not doing this for the dress (Which I bought in my regular size) because I’m not trying to change myself drastically just for my wedding. I’m trying to make a commitment to Dude, that I want to live a healthier lifestyle so we get to spend many many years together, happy, healthy, and full of energy! Yes, I do want to feel confident walking down the beach in a cute little bikini, but that’s not the ultimate goal. Health is! I can see my goal, and I know I can reach it!!

So are any of you ladies starting a new work out plan before you say “I Do?”

2 Responses to “Fighting My Way to the Altar!”

  1. Orchid Bud Says:

    Awesome!! I did kickboxing in high school and I loved it. My sister does it now and she loves it too. She loves it to the point that she bought a bag to put in our garage. I think the key is to find something you enjoy so working out doesn’t become a chore. I’ve struggled with my weight since college and I’m heavier than I’ve ever been. Having to put on a wedding dress is a great motivator, but I miss having someone there to push me. Orchid Boy is great, but I don’t think he understands the differences between men and women when it comes to exercise and weight loss. I’m definitely trying though. I’m slowly getting back into yoga and can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can take long walks around the lake near my apartment. I also bought my dress in my size, but if I have to spend more on alterations to make it smaller than I spent on the dress, it’ll be worth it.

    Good luck! And if you need any support or someone to light a fire under your butt, let me know : )

  2. Magnolia Bud Says:

    That is awesome! I do various classes at the gym, but the plan is to step it up in the Spring to make sure I’m ready for the wedding in July.
    I would love to take kickboxing classes! You go, girl!

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