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Bridesmaid Dress Disaster

December 14th, 2010 by     

So the title may be a bit of an exaggeration but its a disaster to me.  This is a picture of the dress.  That is the color and my MOHs will have the exact one below, the rest of the bridal party will have solid celadon dresses.

Bill Levkoff Style 601

Now for the disaster part.  EVERY single one of the bridesmaids dresses is WAAAAAY too big.  Now, I didn’t expect them to fit perfectly.  I knew they would have to have some alterations.  However, I never expected this!  According to the store’s size/measurement chart, one of my friends, who is a size 2 in normal clothes, was to wear a size 12! Not in any universe is this lady a size 12.  She finally ordered a size 8, I believe, and it fell off of her…LITERALLY!  One of my MOHs ordered one size smaller than the recommended size but has since lost 45 pounds so I can’t blame her dress size problems on the store.  Another BM was told to order an 18 when she is a size 6 waist to accommodate her bust.  Her dress is going to fall off.  The Wedding Shoppe Inc., I am very disappointed in you. I had such high hopes when you carried the dress at a much more reasonable price than the local boutiques.

Can a dress be too big to be altered? What do I do if the dresses are too big to be altered?

7 Responses to “Bridesmaid Dress Disaster”

  1. Magnolia Bud Says:

    Oh, that is really unfortunate. I don’t think you’ll have a problem altering them, however… dresses can always be made smaller. It’s the other way around that’s more difficult!

    Keep us posted!

  2. Orchid Bud Says:

    Dress shops are NOTORIOUS for doing this because it forces you to come back and get alterations.I would definitely try to complain and see if you can have some of the dresses re-ordered since clearly their sizing chart is skewed. This happened to my friend who said the consultant measured her with all of her heavy winter clothes on. The bride unleashed her bridezilla and got a huge discount on the alterations.

    Like Magnolia said, taking a dress in is WAY easier than letting it out. My question is, is there a limit as to how much it can be taken in? Like can you turn a size 16 into a size 6? Or does it make more financial sense to buy a new dress?

    BTW, good for your friend for losing all that weight! That’s awesome!

  3. Lilac Bud Says:

    Seamstresses are miracle workers, they can size dresses way down. To make the best out of a bad situation, if you’re feeling crafty maybe see about making purses for them out of the extra material?

  4. Cymbie Bud Says:

    Orchid Bud was right with her question. That is what I’m fearing. A size 16 that may need to be made a 10 or 12. A size 8 that needs to be a 2, etc.

    My friend who lost so much weight, we are going to use the excess material to make a sash and headband for her daughter who is my flower girl. I’m also sending some material to my FMIL who is going to use it for scrapbooking and some to my florist for ….well whatever purpose they have.

    @ Lilac Bud – I hadn’t thought about purses. I’ll have to see if any of my friends are crafty enough to make them. I’m not crafty at all. Thanks for the idea!!

  5. Orchid Bud Says:

    Those are great ideas for the extra fabric. I would have just tossed it, but repurposing it for something else is a great idea.

    Let me know how it goes with making the drastic changes. I’m hoping (really hoping) to drop a few dress sizes and honestly, if my alterations cost more than my dress it would be the best money ever spent, but I was also fearing that my dress couldn’t be altered down more than a size.

  6. Cymbie Bud Says:

    @ Orchid – I’ll keep everyone posted. Won’t be for several months before she gets it altered because she hopes to lose some more weight.

    As an FYI – my dress alterations will cost more than my dress. The seamstress has already told me.

  7. Lilac Bud Says:

    If it is something you’re interested in here are some links I found to make purses and scrap material uses:

    I do agree that you should complain, bridal shops are notorious for doing that, I’ve just never heard it being so extreme! Is it also possible that the person who measured had no idea how to do conversions?