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When It’s Over…

September 21st, 2010 by     

So the big day has passed, and for once in the past months to years, you actually have nothing to do! It’s such a weird feeling.  Everyday leading up to it, you planned, you researched, you budgeted all for this one day which was the happiest of day of your life.  What’s next? How do you make sure to keep those memories alive as the two of you start your lives together as husband and wife? You have your guestbook with amazing notes from friends and family.  You probably have some really fancy cake cutting equipment and champagne glasses to carry home with you. You most likely have the top layer of your cake that you and your new husband will dig into on your one year anniversary.  And of course… you have that beautiful white dress that you will have cleaned and will be placed in the back of your closet for years to come.  Where does the rest of it go?

I was recently in Atlanta on business and went with a friend to a shop as she needed to be fitted for a bridesmaid dress.  While she was upstairs doing that, I popped into a jewelry store below that advertised free ring cleaning in their window.  It had been a while and I thought I would just pop in to get a quick shine.  It was a cute shop with everything from fashion jewelry to big diamond rings.  As my ring was being cleaned, I was talking to the ladies at the shop about their amazing jewelery.  That’s when I saw one of the most unique pieces of jewelry I have ever seen.

Bouquet Necklace by Angela Daniels of Palas Jewelers

It was one of the ladies personal collection.  You see,  she takes your wedding day bouquet, or should I say the petals from the flowers in your bouquet and creates amazing pieces of jewelry.  (obviously she could do this with any flower you brought it, but she sees the most business from new brides) The bouquet can be completely dried when you bring it in, or you can bring it in the next day for her to dry.  The store is called Palas Jewelers, and the designer is Angela Daniels. I just couldn’t get over how unique this was, and such an amazing idea.  You obviously have your wedding band that you wear everyday to remind you of that wonderful day, but why not have another token item that embodies the beauty of that day?

Here are a few pics of some of the jewelry.  It’s really truly amazing!

Rose Petal Earrings

Rose Petal Earrings from Palas Jewelers

Rose Petal, Pearl & Garnet Necklace from Palas Jewelers

Bouquet Earrings from Palas Jewelers

Rose & Rhodolite Dangle Necklace

Rose & Rhodolite Dangle Necklace from Palas Jewelers

I am guessing that although the store is in Atlanta, you can easily ship your bouquet there and have it done no matter where you live.  Here is the store’s website which includes the store contact information.

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4 Responses to “When It’s Over…”

  1. Sunflower Bud Says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing!! Definitely going to consider this when my wedding is over :)

  2. NYBride2011 Says:

    I love this.. I went on that website and could not find more pieces to view.. I was wondering if you could give me another link? As I am from NY and would love to do this..

  3. Dogwood Bud Says:

    Hi NY, There aren’t many shown on the website (just the ones above), because everything she does with these petals is custom made based on the bride’s style. I would suggest calling, (404) 846 8122 or emailing to speak with Angela. My guess is that she has many more pictures she could send you through email to give you a better idea of what she can do. Good luck!

  4. Angela Daniels Says:

    Hi NYBride2011,

    Please check out to see a gallery of some past pieces I have made. I do not have pictures of every piece I have made, but atleast a small idea of what is possible =) Thanks for checking out this blog it’s great!!

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