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Our Little Details

September 2nd, 2010 by     

I love looking at photos of other’s weddings as I really enjoying searching for the small details, the little things that we may sometimes overlook. ¬†As you all know, I had run the wedding gauntlet in the years leading up to my moment, and for so many of those weddings, I never paid attention to the little things; like bouquets, accessories, table numbers, guest books and even cakes and centerpieces… all the things that you can use to show your personality. Of course once I started planning my own wedding, these things became much more pronounced and I started pulling inspiration from every wedding I attended!

Here are a few shots of some of our small details, that I absolutely loved!

My bouquet... I never would have thought these things would be so heavy!

My jewelry, and yes ladies you all helped me pick out that cuff!

Can't get enough of my shoes! Photographed here with Dogwood Dude's and my rings.

The palm frond isle runner... although there was some pretty serious tripping going on.

Our engraved cake cutting utensils, a gift from my fabulous friend Lindsay.

Our guest book, a book of photos from the Florida Keys.

Wonderful photography provided by Emily Harris Photography, flowers by Blooming Design and Events.

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One Response to “Our Little Details”

  1. Sunflower Bud Says:

    Everything looks beautiful!! And you look gorgeous!!

    PS. I la la la love the khaki suit!! We aren’t getting married on the beach but Sunflower Dude wants a khaki suit because he wants the wedding to feel “southern”. :) I love the way the khaki suit looks… I think more so than a tux or black suit!! Although, I wouldn’t mind Sunflower Dude getting a pinstripe suit. Sexy!! lol.

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