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Periwinkle Thanks

July 8th, 2010 by     

It took me a bit longer than the 3 months Emily Post recommends, but I managed to get all 133 of our thank-you notes out by the deadline I had set for myself: 6 months after the wedding.  You may be wondering what took me so long, and the answer is simple — my undying indecisiveness of course!  I knew from the start that I wanted photo thank-you cards, but for months I could not decide which photo to choose out of the 2600+ proofs our photographers provided us!  Eventually, and not without a lot of prodding from Periwinkle Dude, I finally chose a thank-you card design…

wedding wedding planning ways to save do it yourself archived , thank you card design

I created the proof on Shutterfly using one of their templates, ordered the appropriate number of cards, and received my order within a week!  The quality and size of the cards were great, the online templates were easy to use, and there was a style for just about everyone!  My Shutterfly thank you cards were customized to my liking (notice the periwinkle color at the bottom of the card!) and were larger in size but less expensive than the cards my photographer offered in our wedding package.  I would definitely recommend this idea to those of you interested in photo cards!

Following the periwinkle and photo theme, inside each thank you card I inserted one of these:

wedding wedding planning ways to save do it yourself archived , photoinserts1

These are business cards that I customized and ordered from Vistaprint.  Unfortunately, none of our guests actually added any photos to our site, but this was a quick and easy way to share our wedding proofs with our guests!

And there you have it… our Periwinkle Thanks!  :)

Did any of you use photo cards to thank your wedding guests?  Did you create them yourself or use photo cards provided by your photographer?  Any tips for the garden on which sites to use or how to best create photo cards?