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Lilac’s Do Not Snap List

July 6th, 2010 by     

Many couples have a “Do Not Play” list for their DJ or Band. I am in the process of creating a “Do Not Snap” list for our photographer.

At some point, much closer to our wedding our photographer (, will send us a questionaire so that he can tailor our wedding photos to what we want.

There are some photos that I just don’t want to waste our time with. Here’s a sneak peak at the pictures that I don’t want (and why):

1. The whole family (as in anyone remotely related to the bride or groom). I have a huge family and this photo takes forever to organized with the 45 or so people for my side. I’d like to keep it to immediate family and grandparents.

Immediate family is good. Photo from

2. The morose bride photo. I don’t want there to be any pictures of me (or Lilac Dude) with a faraway stare or extremely solemn expression. We’ll be happy on our wedding day and I’d like our photos to reflect that.


3. Lighting up – There are smokers who are invited to our wedding, but neither Lilac Dude or I care of haveĀ a picture of a wedding party member or guest puffing away outside the church.

4. Holding the bride- I hate being picked up and it’s probably uncomfortable for the groomsmen to be touching all over their friend’s new wife.

It's a cute photo, just not something I want to do. Picture from

5. Groom with bridesmaids fawning over him (and vice versa)- I just find this weird.

That’s my list for now. If you are planning on any of these photos, please don’t take offense. They are simply my preference.

What photos make it on your Do Not Snap list? And what are some of your must have photos?

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4 Responses to “Lilac’s Do Not Snap List”

  1. Says:

    What a great idea! There are many images that aren’t worth the time or effort on your wedding day. Why take any more time than necessary? You want to enjoy your wedding day!

  2. After Yes Says:

    This is a great idea and I love what is on your list. Might want to also add no cheesy 80’s photos of guys looking at their watches :)

  3. Cherry Bud Says:

    I agree with #5 it’s always weirded me out too!

  4. Lala Says:

    I agree on all!!

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