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Get Inspired!

May 14th, 2010 by     

I love my fiancé, I love cakes and I also love my camera phone. I own the Sony Erickson Cyber Shot Camera Phone. This phone was not meant to text or access the Internet, but, it has great technology for taking pictures. With my camera phone I am able to take pictures of anything that inspires me to create or use for our wedding. I get inspired by colors and textures all the time.

The other day, I was brainstorming on the colors for our rehearsal dinner. Towie Bear and I decided to not use the same colors of our wedding. We want the ambiance to be different and fun. I visited a wedding store and I found the most elegant and show stopping bridal bouquet. The following flower arrangement was created by Fantasia Floral.

wedding wedding flowers ,

It was at this moment that I decided to use to colors that exude romance and passion at our rehearsal dinner. I’m not a fan of feathers, but the black feathers on this bouquet look stunning. This arrangement makes me think of 1920’s fashion with jazz music on the background.

In addition, I took pictures of these gorgeous flowers that I admired as I was driving around the neighborhood. These flowers made me decide on soft tones for my bridal bouquet and centerpieces. They are so lovely and sweet! I think this will be a great transition from dark tones at the rehearsal dinner to pastels for our wedding day.

wedding wedding flowers ,

wedding wedding flowers ,

If you have a nice camera phone then use it. Take lots of pictures and get inspired!

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One Response to “Get Inspired!”

  1. Lilac Bud Says:

    I love that I have a camera on my BlackBerry. I do the same thing!

    Those flowers are gorgeous!

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