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Bridesmatron Dress

May 25th, 2010 by     

You may remember from one of my prior posts that I’m going to be a “bridesmatron” later this year!  The bride is a friend from junior high, so I’m really excited to be a part of her wedding.  She was a bridesmaid when Periwinkle Dude and I tied the knot, and now I’m happy to be returning the favor.  There’s only one problem… I’m scared of the dress I have to wear!

wedding wedding attire archived , 2035SG

The style of the dress is beautiful — it’s tea length, an A-line cut that will be comfortable to wear, and made of a fabric that won’t be too clingy in the August heat.  But green is not my most flattering color by a long shot, and while the bride and another trustworthy bridesmaid tell me the color of the dress in this online photo is severely inaccurate I’m still afraid I’m going to look like Tinkerbell or a celery stalk strolling down the aisle.

I received a call from the dress shop that my order has come in, but I won’t be able to drive out to pick my dress up for another couple weeks, so I’ll have to live with the suspense until then!  wedding wedding attire archived , icon smile  For better or worse I am wearing this dress, so I’m crossing my fingers!

Has anyone else been nervous about seeing a bridesmaid dress, or other garment that you haven’t seen before in person, for the first time?  Any horror stories you care to share?

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