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Registering…Where and What?

March 3rd, 2010 by     

We decided to register at two places.  We went with Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  We chose them because they are all over, you can view the registry online, and purchase items online, and they always send those great $5 off or 20% off coupons and we thought our guests would appreciate that.  We registered one Saturday afternoon after lunch with my daughter in tow.  She loved using the scanner and we ended up choosing such things as a new bedding set, new kitchen knives…which we desperately need, and place settings.  My fiance and I are not fancy schmancy people and we decided to forgo the fancy china and registered for an everyday dining set.  We also tried to go with mostly needs and a few wants.  Here are some of the things we selected from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Rachael Ray lime green lasagna baker=$39.99

Rachael Ray lime green lasagna baker = $39.99

16 piece dish set=$79.99

16 piece dish set = $79.99

We also registered at Crate and Barrel.  We did this all online…which was very convenient, but I bet we missed a lot we would have wanted had we went there.  The closest one is about an hour away and we are still trying to plan a Saturday trip there before my bridal shower.   I love Crate and Barrel.  I think they have lots of great things.  Here we registered for a panini maker, a waffle maker, and lots of fun serving pieces.  Here are some of the things we selected from Crate and Barrel.

Cake Pedestal=$49.95

Cake Pedestal = $49.95

8 oz martini glasses=$3.95 each

8 oz martini glasses = $3.95 each

I would like to know where you registered…and why?

2 Responses to “Registering…Where and What?”

  1. Bride Goggles Says:

    We just registered at Bed Bath & Beyond. Not only did they have almost everything we needed in terms of kitchen appliances… they also give you money back if you have to return the item. PLUS, friends and family have those handy 20% coupons to use so they can save a bit of cash.

  2. Brittany Says:

    We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond as well. They are close, have pretty much everything you need, guests can order online and have the item gift wrapped and shipped directly to you, they also gift wrap in store, and they send out those coupons! They are so nice and easy to work with and they know about their products. We didn’t know a thing when it came to cookware and cutlery but they told us all about the different terms, why some are ‘better’ than others etc. without any pressure to buy the most expensive product!

    We also went to Target also because they are everywhere BUT I have heard some terrible things about them from friends that registered there. I will also warn that MANY things in store are not online and even more that is online that you can’t find in store. About a week after we registered at Target things started to labeled ‘unavailable’ but didn’t tell me what it was so I had to go back to our first print out(good think I kept it) and see what was missing.