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All the Rage: A Theme Wedding

March 11th, 2010 by     

I am not sure about anyone else, but for some reason all I seem to see around lately are images and write ups about themed weddings.  Now granted, I guess I am technically hosting a themed wedding by getting married at the beach, but it doesn’t feel like it has the same affect as some that I have seen.  Maybe if I really would have thought about it from the beginning I could have added some awesome details that made our wedding a true experience, but alas we are too far in to go there now.  I thought I would share some of the cool themes I have seen with each of you, and maybe give you a little inspiration in your planning.

wedding wedding planning , resort1

The Key Largo Grande where we will host a simple beach wedding!

I thought I would start with nature themed weddings as these are the most common, like this garden party wedding.

wedding wedding planning , Garden Party

Emily Harris Photography

I also love cultural themes, like this Moroccan inspired party.

wedding wedding planning ,


Everybody loves a throw back, so why not go retro with your wedding. (on a side note, I feel like this is the one I have seen the most hype over)

wedding wedding planning , Retro 1

From Jill Thomas Photography

For those that love a good party, there is always the Mardi Gras theme!

wedding wedding planning , MardiGras

From Emily Harris Photography

There’s also the themed fairytale wedding like this Alice in Wonderland wedding.

wedding wedding planning , Alice in Wonderland

From Emily Harris Photography

Of course on the subject of Disney themes, there are those that just take the cake…

wedding wedding planning , walyou


So, are you doing an awesome theme? Share it with us!

5 Responses to “All the Rage: A Theme Wedding”

  1. Katelyn Says:

    I’m planning on a woodsy theme. Hopefully I can find a venue that will fit my vision perfectly!

  2. sasha nel Says:

    retro/vintage is indeed the hot new theme, and i’ve worked with jill thomas – she really is amazing! all her photos are this good!

  3. Jade Says:

    We are doing a multi-cultural wedding. We will have people there from across the globe. The wedding will feature Brazilian Samba Dancers, Chinese decorations, and Italian songs. The Weddings MC will be speaking Chinese and English, while a translator speaks Portugese. It should be a great time.

  4. Andre Nievo Says:

    Though many couples are trying to explore wedding ideas but if I were to get married I still go for the traditional one.

  5. chrisha Says:

    I chose the alice in wonderland theme It can be cheaper or very expencive it depends if you want a vain wedding or not and I deffinetly want a vain wedding so it is costing me more, but there are things you can do to cut down on cost, such as make your own wedding cake <3 it is fun to design a wedding cake and the theme is so fun. I recomend theme weddings to all because they are fun for you and the guests!

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