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A Photographer that Truly Captures Fireworks!

March 2nd, 2010 by     

Choosing your photographer is very important, because he/she captures the special moments you’ll have forever.  When I was going through our wedding album, each picture showed the love between Lavender Dude and me– and ultimately that’s what you want each photo to portray, right?

love and fireworks

So when you’re sitting down with your photographer make sure he/she knows what you want.  Do you want candid shots or more portraits of you and the guests?  Do you want a mixture?  Each person you interview will do it differently and it’s VERY important to ask the right questions.  Also, look at a selection of their past photos…you want to see all the types of moments they capture so you can notice a style and pattern.

The picture above is of Lavender Dude and me, it’s by far my favorite picture and why I say to take time choosing your photographer, because I look at it and it brings me right back to the night.

What questions were important to you?

Photo by Tom McCall Photography

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