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A Photographer that Truly Captures Fireworks!

March 2nd, 2010 by     

Choosing your photographer is very important, because he/she captures the special moments you’ll have forever.  When I was going through our wedding album, each picture showed the love between Lavender Dude and me– and ultimately that’s what you want each photo to portray, right?

wedding wedding photography , love and fireworks

So when you’re sitting down with your photographer make sure he/she knows what you want.  Do you want candid shots or more portraits of you and the guests?  Do you want a mixture?  Each person you interview will do it differently and it’s VERY important to ask the right questions.  Also, look at a selection of their past photos…you want to see all the types of moments they capture so you can notice a style and pattern.

The picture above is of Lavender Dude and me, it’s by far my favorite picture and why I say to take time choosing your photographer, because I look at it and it brings me right back to the night.

What questions were important to you?

Photo by Tom McCall Photography

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