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DIY Favors

February 17th, 2010 by     

I have read a lot on here recently that the Blossoms are having a hard time finding the perfect favor or gift bag item.  Add me to that list as well.  I have racked my brain for about 2 months trying to come up with the perfect favor/welcome bag item.  I want to do something that shows some Florida Keys flavor, but also doesn’t break the bank.

On one of my many nights spent surfing the internet for the perfect item, I started thinking about my trip to the Keys last year.  What about that trip really stood out to me?  Of course with it being me, my mind went directly to the food…namely the entire key lime pie I ate, by myself, in four days (please don’t judge me).  Of course we can’t put real key lime pies in the bags because that would be a little too messy.  That’s when it hit me! Why not do recipe cards with various key lime recipes! I think this would also be an easy transition for most brides as there is almost always a certain food that a city/state is known for.  Ex: I was raised in Georgia so anything with peaches would have been great, we currently live in Maryland so crab recipes would have been perfect.

wedding wedding planning gifts favors , 2keylimepies

Key West Key Lime Pie Co.

So here’s how I did it:

  1. I created the cards in Photoshop, I had some leftover skills from college all those years ago.  Photoshop is not necessary though as even the simple “Paint” program on your computer can do it just as well.
  2. I found four great key lime recipes including pie, cake, bars and cookies. (Plus side to this was I got to try them all out first! Of course that wasn’t exactly the best thing for my wedding diet).
  3. I created a 4×6 canvas in the computer program, and choose background colors for each.  I went with bright colors, but you can easily match these colors to your wedding theme.
  4. I plugged in the recipes in fun fonts.
  5. I found images (you can take your own too) of the items and pasted them onto the card.
  6. Printing was easy… since they are the size of photos you can go to any online photo printer like Kodak or Snapfish and have them done.  Personally I went with because they do 6¢ prints on Tuesday and Wednesday which is by far cheaper than the rest.  This meant that printing 50 of each, 200 total only cost $12! (I do recommend printing one of each first to make sure that you like the way they look when printed out.  I had some issues with a certain font that didn’t come out clear and had to redo)
  7. Tie the cards together with a ribbon.

All in all, for 50 welcome bag items I spent less than $20! I couldn’t believe how inexpensive, yet personal it was!

Here is how they turned out:

wedding wedding planning gifts favors , Key lime pie recipe card

wedding wedding planning gifts favors , Key LIme Cake Recipe Card

wedding wedding planning gifts favors , Key Lime Cookie recipe card

wedding wedding planning gifts favors , Key Lime Bars recipe card

4 Responses to “DIY Favors”

  1. Blanche Says:

    What a great idea. =) I think that I will do this too. I’m from Hawaii so I may change this from Key Lime to Pineapple. Maybe Pineapple Upside Down Cake….I’ll look up other Pineapple recipes, I’m sure I’ll find more out there. Thank you.

  2. Passion Says:

    Yummy. I love key lime. When we went to Key West years ago my favorite treat was the chocolate dipped key lime pie. I would love those recipes… just for my own personal use. Could you mail them to me? Thanks in advance.

  3. lauren Says:

    I’m getting married in Key West – April 2011 and absolutely LOVE this idea :) I think I will steal it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Elsie Says:

    Great Cake, thank you so much.

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