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Seattle Wedding Show, Part 1

January 21st, 2010 by     

Towie Bear and I met one of my favorite cake decorators. Mike McCarey from Mikes Amazing Cakes was at the Seattle Wedding Show! OMG…I was so excited, jumping like a little girl. He was so cool and willing to take a picture with me. Here we are posing and look at my BIG smile.

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Mike McCarey and Maga Bud

The following image was the cake that Mike baked and decorated for Towie Bear’s 33rd birthday (almost two years ago). He made us a cake of Towie’s favorite car of all time, the Buick Grand National. I will never forget Towie’s first reaction when he saw this cake for the first time. He jumped and said “is that my car?”

wedding wedding planning , Looking

Looking at his Birthday Cake

wedding wedding planning , Cutting Cake

Towie Bear ready to cut the cake

wedding wedding planning , Car

Buick Grand National

Mike McCarey has been doing cakes for a while. He makes cakes for all occasions. I’ve heard that he is popular for wedding cakes, as well as, groom’s cakes. I am exploring the possibility of a groom’s cake. I know that Towie Bear would love that. It would be awesome to have two cakes at our wedding. However, would the guests eat both cakes? Also, I have to remind myself that not everyone eats cake. I guess I need to think a little bit more about that.

Mike has participated at many Food Network Challenges and 99.9% of the time, he wins! His cakes are not only perfectly decorated, but taste heavenly too. You can visit his website, by clicking here.

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