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Something Special For My Girls

December 7th, 2009 by     

Bridesmaids gifts are one of those subjects that I keep wondering about. I continue debating on personalized gifts for each girl and then I ask myself if they will be comparing their gift to the other ladies. Then, I think about playing it safe by going with the same style across the board.

Image from Your Best Friends Wedding website

Image from Your Best Friends Wedding website

At the end, I think of all of my girls and I know that they will be OK with anything that I give them. However, these ladies are very special to me. Being a bridesmaid is not a piece of cake. Sometimes bridesmaids have to wear dresses that they don’t like; be in high heels all day long; listen to the bride’s dilemmas about planning her event, etc. In a nutshell, these ladies need to be recognized for their support and participation.

Today, I found a very informative article at M’s blog called The Bride’s Guide by Darcy Miller. It is titled Beauty: Bridesmaid Gift Guide. I believe this post has been the most complete in regards to the alternatives that the author suggests the bride to consider as gifts for her girls. Now, please note that these choices are for the ladies that prefer gifts that are all about beauty. Therefore, you can maybe list all of the categories that you might consider as gifts for your girls such as beauty, technology, jewelry, stationery, attire, entertainment, etc.

Image from Mindy Weiss E-store. These are Strech Bracelets with Heart Charm for Bridesmaids.

Image from Mindy Weiss E-store. These are Stretch Bracelets with Heart Charm for Bridesmaids.

I may consider beauty because I think they all enjoy girly stuff. However, they all have shown some interest in entertainment since most of my girls watch movies actively. I guess I still have some more thinking to do, but I feel I’m on the right track by choosing a category and work from there. Happy shopping!

2 Responses to “Something Special For My Girls”

  1. nina Says:

    Bridesmaids gift shopping can be verrry stressful :-)….

    But, if you still need ideas, I’m doing a “Bridesmaids Gift Guide Series” this whole week on my blog…check it out!

  2. Gardenia Bud Says:

    Sounds stressful! I just got passed the whole ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ thing – guess I’ll have to start thinking about this next!!

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