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And Now…Searching for Bridesmaid Dresses

December 17th, 2009 by     

Pinckney Street Dress in Silk Chiffon by Carol Hannah from Project Runway

Pinckney Street Dress in Silk Chiffon by Carol Hannah from Project Runway

I thought that the search for bridesmaid dresses was going to be easier than the wedding gown. I was so wrong! The process is just as challenging. And it is recommended (according to the boutiques I have visited) to order the bridesmaid dresses 5 months before the wedding; this time-frame will allow for one month of dress alterations.

I visited various places with my girls and found one dress that we collectively liked at a well known big bridal boutique. We were all aiming for a long black dress and hoping for a sash in the middle with a different color.

Then, we found another dress similar to the first one that we liked. The second one was more elegant and had the ability of adding a sash in the middle that could highlight my wedding colors. This feature was not available with the first dress. I was sad to see the price of the second dress because it was way too high for my girls.

I am now debating on what to do. The following thoughts have been wandering through my brain:

1. Should I settle with the first alternative? We all liked the dress, but it will be just one color and no sash in the middle.

2. Should I pay a portion of the second dress for each bridesmaid? This gown works cohesively with my wedding. The fabric is high quality and the main color on the sash just hits the spot on what I was looking for.

Then, I was thinking about the additional costs that go behind purchasing the dress which are: alterations, undergarments, shoes, jewelry, etc. The one that I am more concerned about are the alterations. Since we are narrowing down our choices to two different boutiques, I am now calling them and asking for their prices on alterations.

Moreover, there is another variable that I just added into the mix. If I go with option #2 and pay a portion of each dress, I need to foresee any other areas that I might need a little extra funding. For example, what if I want more flowers across the aisle? What if I receive a huge number of RSVP’s that will require me to put more money towards food and beverages?

These are just a couple of details that I should consider while searching for bridesmaid dresses. We are all on a budget and at the end of the road we all need to decide on something that makes us happy.

By the way, the lovely image shown at the beginning of this post, is not one of the dresses that I am writing about. However, I thought it would be nice to show one of Carol Hannah’s collections. YES, the finalist from Project Runway. You can go see her collection by clicking here.

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