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Our Mountaintop Wedding – Frustration

November 19th, 2009 by     

No matter how often you tell yourself that you will NOT go bridezilla on your wedding day, there just might be a little disturbance that you are not prepared for… and it can spark something inside that you swore wouldn’t light on fire!! YEP, I had a bridezilla moment! Emotion of the moment?! FRUSTRATION!!

I was soooo frustrated with my husband when, after our moment of bliss during our first look, we started to head outside to get our modeling on! You already know it was raining, but since we had a spent a few minutes inside doing our first look, the weather seemed to have calmed down a bit, but it was still drizzling, and definitely still a bit messy from the early RAIN!! So, I waited patiently outside with an umbrella, while our peeps figured out the vehicles. We knew in advance that we needed 4 wheel drive to access one of the photo-shoot locations, and we (hubs and I) had already decided that we would be driving his truck (convenient right?!). Well, you can imagine my surprise when he informed me that he had left his truck at the hotel, and that we would be taking his best man’s jeep… not that big of a deal right?!

My mom came out to help and make sure I didn’t get dirty…

(I think he knew he was about to get in trouble…)

Well, let’s just say that the Jeep was NOT CLEAN?!?! and… out came bridezilla! I was pissed right off… oh wait, I am using the slightly less dramatic term “frustrated”, but let’s face it ladies, I was pissed! Um, what part of WHITE DRESS did he not understand?!? So, after catching sight of the interior…

I think this is me trying to keep a happy smile pasted on my face 😉

I tried to remain calm!! I actually ended up retreating into the house after hissing something along the lines of “how could you have NOT thought this through?!?!” to my husband. I told him to deal with it, and not bring me back outside into the rain unless it was so!! (I told you…bridezilla!!). Well, what ended up happening was pretty simple… they cleaned the seats as best they could, brought me a towel to sit on, and I climbed in the front seat (NOT the back like they had originally suggested!!), and we went on our ‘marry’ way.

On our way to the photo location, we completely lost our bridal party?!?! They weren’t answering their phones, we were driving back and forth on the road trying to find them (which is ridiculous since there is one road, and only a left or right turn on to it from our driveway??), and I was getting more and more pissed off… I mean… frustrated! Long story short, they had gone back to get our rubber boots (which was a great idea), and in a few minutes, they met us at the location…
…and they helped to calm the ‘zilla…

Yep, that’s me, rain boots and a flask! And so the photos started.

I still wasn’t quite convinced that he should be forgiven…

But he probably told me something funny to make me laugh (he’s pretty good at that!)…

and I started to come around…

But once my man starts to nuzzle my neck… game over!! I was one happy bride after this:

and we both knew it was going to be an amazing day…

And so started the portraits… a bit rocky, but with the horizon in site, we were on our way!!

All photos courtesy of [6:8] Photography.

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One Response to “Our Mountaintop Wedding – Frustration”

  1. Judy Says:

    You looked lovely on the outside despite the ‘frustration’ bubbling on the inside. The ‘zilla was totally understandable, I would have lost it and then been pissed at myself for losing it and then pissed that I was pissed on my wedding day and the wonderful cycle would have gone round and round!

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