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DIY Bridal Bouquet

November 18th, 2009 by     

Hey buds! I wanted to share this DIY bouquet I found on Creature Comforts:


I love this bouquet! It’s simple and elegant, and super easy to do yourself!

These flowers are from Trader Joe’s (she bought 2 sets of daffodils for less than $4!). She tied them together with a rubber band, wrapped the stems in the yellow ribbon, and put an earring on it, to give it a bit of sparkle. All told, she spent less than $8.

I have found Trader Joe’s to be a great place to get flowers. Our local farmers market also has a great selection. Especially if you’re getting married in the spring or summer, most places will have an abundance of great flowers to choose from! And it’s always good to check out what flowers are in season during your wedding!

Make sure you keep in mind that making your own bouquets often takes a few extra hands (it can be a great job for bridesmaids) and you have to time it right to make sure the flowers are still fresh for the wedding.

It’s hard to beat some of the bouquets that I’ve seen florists put together, but for a bride on a budget (like me!) making your own bouquets is a great way to save hundreds of dollars in the long run.

What are your thoughts? Blossoms, did any of you make your own bouquets? How did it turn out?

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2 Responses to “DIY Bridal Bouquet”

  1. Crystal Says:

    SO SWEET!!!! I helped my cousin make her wedding bouquets…it was a great bonding activity while we were waiting to get hair and makeup done. She got her flowers at a wholesaler, but I’ve seen THE freshest flowers at costco…and the pricing was the same as the wholesaler!

  2. Maga Bud Says:

    My favorite part is the ribbon with the earring in the middle. It gives it a sweet elegance to the whole arrangement. Good job!

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