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One Step At a Time, She Went Galloping Ahead..

September 22nd, 2009 by     

Nothing makes me happier than ticking things off my to-do list! I get giddy when I take that pen to the paper and check off that little box. Done! What a sense of satisfaction with every accomplished task.

I love love love checking things off my list!

I love love love checking things off my list!

Now, if it didn’t take me so long to complete each item, I would really be in heaven.

For those of you keeping score, I have picked our ceremony & reception location, sent my save the datesfound my dress (yay!) and picked an amazing photographer. Next on the list are the DJ, rehearsal dinner/activity and flowers, in that order. 7 Months to go… still plenty of time, right?

I think we have found a good DJ, but again it’s a really hard thing to pick out when you can’t meet with him before signing the contract. What I love about him is that he plays the classical guitar and he DJs, so we can have him do live music at the ceremony and then DJ the reception. He did send me a video of a wedding that he worked, but it was kind of hard to tell since I picture my own wedding to be very different from the one on the DVD (can you say, “AWKWARD!”). But, I am reassured by our telephone conversations and referrals he has given me. My photographer also used him for her own wedding which is encouraging. I just have to sign the contract and pray he isn’t going to be terrible.

Hopefully I didn't just hire this guy.

Hopefully I didn't just hire this guy.

My biggest concern about hiring a DJ is that I don’t know if my small group of 40 people are dancing folk. I can’t imagine how terrible it would be if everyone is just sitting and the DJ is trying to corral them to the dance floor. Not good! Snapdragon dude isn’t much of a dancer himself, so he won’t really be leading the charge on that. I just don’t want the DJ to be pushy, and hope he can go with the flow of the evening.

I guess that’s the thing when planning a destination wedding: giving up some measure of control. As a professional event/travel planner who is so careful to source out good vendors for my work projects, it’s somewhat unsettling to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best.

At the end of the day, I have to remind myself that so much of the “vibe” of the wedding is what the bride and groom make of it. WE set the tone. If we hate the music, flowers, food and decoration and let that frustration show, our guests will feel it. If we are determined to make it a fun and beautiful day, no matter what, our guests will feel that too. I think I better make a small note of that and keep in with me on the big day. Just in case!