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Meet My Flowers

August 1st, 2009 by     

Buds, here is a little beauty that you may want to consider for your wedding flowers.



If you want the full name, it’s Moluccella laevis, but commonly known as Bells of Ireland or  Shell flower.  These stems provide interesting greenery in a mixed bouquet, or a sleek modern look when used on it’s own.  We are using simple pots with 5-7 stems in each for the cocktail lounge area of the wedding.  The reception room will have a more traditional feel as shown with our other flowers.  I like the idea of having the cocktail lounge a little more modern and simple-looking.





Bells of Ireland can be found any time of year, but are most common in late winter and spring.  My mom has ordered them from a local grocery store for $16 for 10 stems.  That great price is another perk of using a flower that is considered a ‘filler flower’. (I find that term so insulting for some reason!)

I love the simplicity of this bouquet:

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And, they go very well with my other favourite bright green flower: kermit or pom pom mums!


What neat flower did you find for your wedding elements?

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3 Responses to “Meet My Flowers”

  1. Mary Says:

    I LOVE these flowers – they are my favorite. I wish I could grow them at home.

  2. Hydrangea Blossom Says:

    I Love Love Love Bells of Ireland! We used them in our wedding too. Not in the bouquets, but in the large sprays we had on pedestals during the ceremony. The look really neat, plus they smell fantastic!

  3. crystal Says:

    I was curious if you could use these to put down inside cylinder vases on the tables?

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