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Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

May 3rd, 2009 by     

I am down to less than a month till my big day! Little details here and there need to be taken care of, but I think I am doing pretty good considering I will be shipping myself, my family, and tons of family and friends to Italy in about 3 weeks!

One last detail I am taking care of this week is sending out a nice invitation for the rehearsal dinner to our families and bridal party. Of course I am not taking this invitation as seriously as the real wedding invitation, but I would like to give all of the people involved a nice reminder with the specific details. I made this another DIY project – I love working on my Adobe programs!

I did some research on the internet to find the standard lingo and details that people include on their rehearsal invites. I found some good ideas on However, I wanted to make our invites a little more personal and sweet since all of the individuals receiving these invites are family and very close friends. So, I wrote a little poem about being excited and needing to rehearse before the big day. Anyone who knows me will not be surprised at my cheeky cheesiness. I think it adds to the fun that we are all preparing for!

Of course the color is midnight navy and ivory to go with everything else – this time I chose midnight navy envelopes to really stand out from the typical envelope in your mailbox! Cotton Dude and I didn’t translate the poem into Italian because rhyming poems are impossible to translate, but I did title the invitation “La sera prima…” which means “the night before” in Italian.

One Response to “Rehearsal Dinner Invitations”

  1. Jun Says:

    Both invitations are just simply gorgeous. Excellent job on both! Thank you for sharing!

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