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Dandelion Showers

May 23rd, 2009 by     

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Showers usually bring little Dandelions (the dude calls them weeds) in our backyard, but this past month the Showers brought us lots of gifts from friends and family.  My showers are done.  The dude and I have one more little family thing to attend over Memorial Day weekend in Indiana (called the Indy 500–more on that another time), and then we have only two weeks until the wedding!  While in Indiana my cousin Nicole is going to host a Couples Brunch in honor of us.  I know it will be a blast, because she has this amazing home and she loves to entertain!

The three showers that I have had, have been loads of fun.  Here are a few pictures from each of the showers.

Southern California, Cedar Creek Inn Brea.

wedding wedding planning archived , downloaded april 18 0241

wedding wedding planning archived , downloaded april 18 025

My mom and I invited our dearest friends and family to celebrate.

Houston, My future Sister in Laws home

wedding wedding planning archived , img 2053She takes after her mother, beautiful and yummy cake!

Everyone made scrapbook pages for me for my shower scrapbook.

wedding wedding planning archived , wedding shower scrapbook

Houston, Teri’s home

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wedding wedding planning archived , img 2123

My awesome co workers and friends who are ALL flying to California for the wedding.  I am soo blessed to have great friends here in Houston.

wedding wedding planning archived , img 2131More people showed up a little late and we played some Apples 2 Apples.  Some of us were there for 5 Hours!

The showers were fun and I started to get used to opening gifts in front of everyone.  I got mostly all of our Martha Stewart Blue and Red items to complete our kitchen, some really cute vintage items. and some cool pieces for around the house.  Our kitchen is going to be the cutest kitchen I’ve ever cooked in, I can’t wait and I’m sure Dandelion Dude can’t either!

2 Responses to “Dandelion Showers”

  1. Gia Says:

    Your showers turned out beautiful!!! It looks like everyone put a little of your wedding theme into them which takes some effort on their part. I am planning my best friends shower and trying to do the same thing. I like the shower scrapbook idea. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Poppy Blossom Says:

    I LOVE apples 2 apples! Best party game ever. :)