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Cake Indecision

May 5th, 2009 by     

Hello garden!  Periwinkle Dude and I are getting ready to choose our wedding cake decor and we thought we’d get your input on the topic!  Our wedding cake is coming from Rolling Pin Bakery in East Setauket, NY, where we’ve heard the cakes are yummy!  They have dozens of enticing options on their website,  and we’ve narrowed it down to the following 3 options.  We will probably go with either a white or light blue butter cream frosting to match our color scheme, and our florist said he could sprinkle the wedding cake with some flower petals to dress it up a little more if we want.  Please help us out and let us know which of the following wedding cakes you’d select!

wedding cakes

Option 1

Option 2

wedding cakes

Option 3

Sooooo… what do you buds think?  Please vote below and help us out!  Thanks!!!

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6 Responses to “Cake Indecision”

  1. Plumeria Bud Says:

    I like option 1 the best. The other two are cute too but I think the top one just has an extra something.

  2. Chelsey Scott Says:

    hmm I just like the swirly designs better on option 1. I like the blue idea too….please don’t do a bow topper as show in the pictures…

  3. augustvows Says:

    Patter 2 in blue buttercream. It’s so elegant! Very beautiful.

    augustvowss last blog post..Letter to Weddingbee

  4. Hydrangea Bud Says:

    I like the scroll-style But I may be biased because that’s what we’re going with!

  5. kk Says:

    at first I liked option one, but the second one was so much more unique. you don’t often see the swag pattern that delicate. I think it would look absolutely stunning. the scroll pattern is beautiful, but is getting so popular, everyone is using it, and I think these beautiful cakes (sadly) are beginning to fade into the wallpaper, if you know what I mean :) hope that helps! and congrats! I wish you every happiness!

  6. lilly Says:

    I thought that if you have a theme color of your wedding you should choose the color that matches. if not then you should choose the option 1 and put something beautiful on the top.