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Meet the eBay Bride

April 22nd, 2009 by     

When times get tough, get creative! That’s what Kelley Gray of Virginia Beach, VA did and I thought I’d share this interesting story with you.  To help pay for her April 19, 2009 wedding, she posted a bridesmaid spot on eBay.  Her post gained national attention and someone won a place as her bridesmaid for $5,700.  If that wasn’t good enough, Dr. Pepper doubled the donation to $10,000!


Despite the tough economic times, the Virginia Beach community responded with local vendors donating bridesmaids dresses, jewelry, tuxedos, flowers, cake, DJ services, hair and makeup, photography and wedding programs.


They are so cute!  What creative ways are you saving and raising money to finance your wedding?

8 Responses to “Meet the eBay Bride”

  1. Chelsey Scott Says:

    what? why would someone bid on being her bridesmaid? Must be nice to have 5,000$ to blow on being in a strangers wedding. Forget hungry kids and cures for cancers…. -sorry, its cool that she thought to do that and got so much free stuff (venders just wanting publicity) but its really weird and irritating to me.

  2. maya Says:

    I should auction off the spots for my entire wedding party :-)

  3. Plumeria Bud Says:

    I wondered what had happened to her! I still think it was super tacky of her to do that, but whatever. She got what she wanted– a practically free wedding and a lot of publicity. Not something I would choose for myself.

  4. nina Says:

    Lol…I guess they had no choice but to have a bazillion pics “drinking” Dr. Pepper :-)

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  5. Cotton bud Says:

    I just wouldn’t want to have to be drinking Dr. Pepper in my photos simply because they used my wedding as a PR stunt!

  6. Chelsey Scott Says:

    Well unless it was televised they probably just set up certain scenes with DP in them.

  7. Poppy Blossom Says:

    Shoot, if I got $10,000 for my wedding, I’d be happy to snap a few pictures holding a Dr. Pepper can! Plus I love Diet Dr. Pepper. :)

  8. Disgusted Says:

    How about this????? The “eBay Bride” and her husband didn’t even last a year, and they are split up. I guess this goes to show that they should have just gone to the JOP, since they obviously already had a kid. She claims she wanted this wedding “since she was a little girl” and that she deserved to have her dream wedding. Did her dream wedding include already having a kid? Their marriage is/was a JOKE!!!

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