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Little Details: Chocolates

April 18th, 2009 by     

I must admit, I didn’t even think about having a chocolate or after dinner mint until my mom mentioned it to me a few weeks ago.  She suggested getting See’s Candy individual boxes.  Then I thought about putting See’s Candy on mini Cake plates with the glass dome and using them for our centerpieces, but didn’t want to spend $250 dollars on Cake Plates.  I have many here, but getting them to California is another story.

I did some research , and I love these scrapbook wrapped chocolates by Martha Stewart.

Martha Stweart Weddings

Instead of buying new scrapbook paper, I used all the leftover paper I had from old scrapbook paper pads.   Once I picked out about 20 scrapbook sheets, I downloaded the template here.  Printed them up and Voila!  Here they are.  I used my craft knife to cut the hearts (which kinda hurt my hand after about 30 of them, so I advise taking a couple breaks)

my scrapbook scraps

Lake Champlain Chocolates provides the perfect size chocolate squares for these wrappers.  And the chocolate is amazing!  Simple and cute…When I told my mom what they would be, she thought I was crazy with the scrapbook wrapper stuff.  “You can’t just do anything easy!”, she says.  “Nope”.

Has anyone been accused of doing too much youself and not just taking the easy way out?

3 Responses to “Little Details: Chocolates”

  1. Amy Says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I made our monograms for the top of our favor boxes – all 200 of them and individually glued 1″ Es to the top of each double layered oval. I also decided to emboss our thank you notes. It seems like months since I haven’t had either a glue stick or embossing stylus in my hands.

  2. Sunflower Bud Says:

    Good job! I am the same way…I tied 72 little ribbon bows to 72 little bubble wands….all the while Dude didn’t dare question why I was doing it because he’s so used to me crafting every day now!

  3. Varada Says:

    I can imagine how it feels to be accused of doing-it-all-yourself.. Been there, done that.. BTW, I adore your little hearts. I’ll definitely use this idea somewhere… 😉 Will link back to you when I do..

    Meanwhile please feel free to drop by my blog, we are having a Valentine’s week and I’ll definitely like it if you come.. :)