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April Showers Bring Lots of Presents for the Pansy’s

April 10th, 2009 by     

Our (my) shower was this past weekend. All in all, great success!

wedding wedding planning archived , shower1

Not entirely sure about this pic. The weird one-eyed gaze is a little creepy.

I was astonished by everyone’s generosity given the current state of the economy. And, all the people who really matter in my life were able to make it (minus Pansy Dude’s step-mother and step-sister, who are also very important but live in California, and understandably wouldn’t be able to make it).

Prior to the shower, I was actually sincerely hurt and feeling pretty unloved. I caught someone who I considered to be a friend in a lie. She lied to get out of having to come to my shower. Not even one whole year ago, I spent ridiculous amounts of time and money helping her to prepare for her own wedding. In my opinion, social events should follow Newton’s Third Law of Motion. For every action, there is an equal, but opposite, reaction. Damnit if I came to your shower you’d better be at mine unless you’ve got a really good excuse.

Examples of really good excuses:

  1. You live more than 3 state borders away.
  2. You’re extremely pregnant (as one of my best friends from high school is) and you can’t make the trip.
  3. You have had a vacation planned for longer than you have had notice of my shower and you cannot possibly make it.

So… this friend, well- not really a friend so much anymore (but not just because she didn’t come to my shower) we’ll call her… Bindsey; she lied to me. Lying is my NUMBER ONE biggest pet peeve. It’s a very long story but she e-mailed my mother saying she wouldn’t be able to make it; she had already planned a vacation with her husband. Fine- I understand, she didn’t know when my shower was going to be when she planned it.

Then her husband, who is good friends with Pansy Dude and I, accidentally threw her under the bus.  He asked if we wanted to get together, maybe get beers (the day of my shower) he felt bad that we hadn’t been hanging out as much and wanted to catch up. Oh really? You’re not going away on a week-long excursion you say? BUSTED. Am I surprised? No. Still hurt? Absolutely. Am I wayyyy wrong to feel that one sincere action deserves another?

wedding wedding planning archived , lots of friends

Friends and family all getting along nicely.

BUT- in the end, all of my real friends made the long trek from Detroit, to Jackson. I couldn’t have been more pleased. We played stupid games (even after I specifically requested “no stupid games”) and then got down to the important business of eating. My step-dad is a chef and makes some of the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten.  *Drool* we had chicken salad on croissants, cheesy potatoes, fruit kabobs, brownies, and this amazing white chocolate raspberry cake.

wedding wedding planning archived , food

Mmmmmm. Cheesy potatoes.

Then came presents!!!! Nearly everyone who came managed to purchase something off of my registries. (Except Gran, who got to use her coupon at B^3). She got us pillows though, and for some reason we seem to always need more pillows.

We got all of our serving pieces from our tableware. TONS of what I like to call “big girl glasses”; real glass glasses. Nice ones! BEER MUGS! Which we are geeked about. All of our towels. The came the most special gift of all. I opened the card, and had to have looked completely baffled. I thought I’d somehow gotten someone else’s present- because I surely did not know this woman. Then my other gran spoke up as I’m pulling the prettiest little pitcher out of the box and said “that was your great GREAT grandmother’s”. My grandma’s mom owned it once, and now it’s mine. Amazing.

wedding wedding planning archived , pitcher

Belonged to my GREAT GREAT (that's 2 greats) grandmother!

Also, Pansy dude got taken care of! He got 3 tools (I don’t know wtf they are…) from our Home Depot registry and more than 100 dollars in gift cards to the HD!  *Sigh* I’m not sure I knew what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this registry. He’s talking about “all our new projects” now. Awesomeeee. *Clinch teeth and smile.*

wedding wedding planning archived , johns presents

Oh boy...

So, like I said before, great success. Everyone had a great time. Gran didn’t seriously offend anyone. Everyone got to pick a kind of white elephant gift at the end. I took my Pansy Bridesmaid back to the airport, and the day was over.

3 Responses to “April Showers Bring Lots of Presents for the Pansy’s”

  1. Poppy Blossom Says:

    You’re so cute! ;) Glad to hear you had a nice shower. I never got a bridal/wedding shower, so I’m going to demand a huge baby shower!

  2. Dandelion Bud Says:

    Reading this makes me look forward to my first shower next weekend!!

  3. Pansy Mom Says:

    I enjoyed meeting my fraughter’s friends, seeing the lovely gifts she and Pansy Dude (he’s no pansy) recieved, and playing silly shower games. The wedding will be here before we know it… I’m so proud of you, Pansy Bud – I couldn’t ask for a better friend or daughter!

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