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Almost too Beautiful to Share

February 2nd, 2009 by     

I’m usually a pretty outspoken person, but there are some things that I keep close. I almost love this idea too much to share just because I want one- and I would want it to be as unique to Pansy Dude and I as I could possibly keep it. I think it’s that perfect little touch that makes something so special because only the two of you know about it.

Since I recently came across this on Brooklyn Bride’s Blog, I figured the cat was not only out of the bag- but half way down the street by now… and I might as well pass it on.

Photo from

Photo from

Especially if you have some kind of cryptic message that means something only to the two of you.

I already have a ring that I love but I think I want one for my right hand. Maybe on my pinky?

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3 Responses to “Almost too Beautiful to Share”

  1. Sunflower Bud Says:

    Thanks for sharing, so neat!

  2. Poppy Blossom Says:

    I love this! You could even use it as a motivational tool and have it say something like ‘Breathe.’

  3. Rick from Novell wedding bands Says:

    This is such a great idea. But for the guy, the message might be “Put it back on!” or “Back off girls – he’s mine!”

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